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Barre Time is a fast paced, high energy, low impact workout that combines all the best elements of barre work, cardio, ballet and Pilates, while focusing on the fundamental principles of barre fitness.

Our aim is to tone, strengthen and lengthen the muscles while building stamina and endurance through the cardio work. 

You don't need to be a Prima Ballerina or fitness fanatic to reap the benefits and enjoy the rewards of our classes.

What makes our barre classes different to all others is the set structure that each class follows. This structure, designed by Lauren and Sulene, is unique to Barre Time and ensures that each and every muscle gets a strong, and super effective workout, without overusing muscles to the point of disfunction. 

We aim to make each class fun and full of energy so that each client leaves not only feeling they've had a great workout, but also a really great time! 

Barre Time is a place to workout, a place to work hard, and a place to feel great about yourself!

Lauren and Sulene both come from a strong history of ballet, Pilates and fitness, with their collective experience including formal teaching qualifications, tertiary education within this field, many workshops and years and years of experience. They both work at The Pilates Lounge, where they teach Pilates, among other classes.
Over their years of teaching together, they noticed the need in certain clients for something more: something with more energy, more cardio, more intensity.  From this need, they took to creating a unique and exciting syllabus based barre class, which quickly became one of the most popular classes at the studio, with most classes having a waitlist! It has taken The Pilates Lounge to a whole new level and the clients absolutely love it!
Lauren and Sulene really wanted to share this new and innovative barre class with other studios, and thus, Barre Time was born!
We began teaching demo classes at other studios, and developed into providing fully inclusive instructor training courses, so that other instructors can bring Barre Time to their studios.
Barre Time has boomed as we travel nationwide to provide instructor training, and there are now classes popping up all over the country with our fabulous team of instructors! 

Lauren Hobbs


Instructor Trainer

The Pilates Lounge: Studio manager & instructor

Top Conditioning SA: Pilates Comprehensive: 2008

B.Tech. Musical Theatre (cum laude): 2010

BASI Pre- and Post Natal: 2013

Intelligent Body: Small equipment: 2015

Zero Gravity Yoga: Aerial Fitness Instructor: 2017


Sulene Ashton


Instructor Trainer

The Pilates Lounge: Studio Owner

BASI comprehensive: 2009

BASI Mentorship: 2017

N.Dip. Dance: 2002

Top Conditioning SA: Pilates Comprehensive: 2001

BASI: Injuries & Pathologies

Cecchetti Qualified Teacher: 1999

Group Fitness Instructor: 1999